Audience feedback:



“Then, the other night we had Koski. Wow. It blew us away, Henna Kaikula, Guy Dowsett, Jacob Cartwright and Julian Renlong Wong. It was contemporary dance, music, theatre. To me, it was a dreamy description of the soul’s journey, symbolic snippets choreographed into the chain of water sound and drum beat. It was the rhythm of life, necessary for survival, it was birth, it was nurturing and whimsy, it was greed, it was a childlike yearning for something beyond reach and it was the dance of life’s exhaustion, the relentless hammering of time against a mere body. Koski was workshopped in La Cantina, a large space, that the four artists used for a month, Jacob and Guy working through the nights to create the music and sound scape, Henna the contortionist using her body in effortless and graceful abandon, Julian, controlled and exquisite, a dancer, combining to create in the space with its rocks and stones and river noise and high windows, theatre so riveting, I didn’t move a muscle from beginning to end. I felt reverent and I know others did too. There was very little space for an audience, the cantina only holding enough small chairs for 27 people, surrounded by the set of the performance. And there were only three nights of performance, so we felt lucky to have seen it!”

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