Bagni di Lucca

Bagni Di Lucca, Italy


We began working together in this group in August 2013, as resident artists of the Bagni Di Lucca Arts Festival, in Tuscany, Italy. Our space was a five hundred year old cantina (cellar) by the Lima River. It was small, damp, and filled with rough gravel. It was also incredibly beautiful, and alive with its own ordinary history. As we worked, we explored every inch, re-imagined it from every angle, constructed wildly inappropriate props, and learned. We ate and spoke with locals and fellow artist residents, and gathered more of an understanding, not just of the area’s past, but of its present life. We saw a beautiful river, gathering trash. Heard cars zooming around narrow cobbled streets. Smelled food, freshly cooked and decaying, forgotten outside windows. Koski came to life amidst these impressions, and we performed in September with an overwhelming response from an audience that imagined far more beautifully than we had hoped.


Sandro Del Pistoia’s “Dress” sculpture was an integral part of Koski in Bagni di Lucca and also in Cartasia festival the following year.

window2 window1

The cantina’s window became a focal prop for a duo segment.

cube1 cube2

The wood ‘cube’ we constructed created a contrasting environment to the rest of the stone space.


Sound Sculptures: Andrea Dami
Dress Sculpture: Sandro Del Pistoia

Performance was created with the precious help and support of:
Bagni di Lucca Art Festival, Jaqueline Varela, Amedeo Petrucci, Enrico Romei, Marcantonio Lunardi, Ilaria Sabbatini, Sollai Cartwright, Marco Salotti, Michael Cartwright, Shona Nunan, Kevan Halson, Giacomo Garibotti.